800 Truck

800 Truck

800 Truck

800 Truck is a prominent transportation company based in the UAE, specializing in trucking services. With a user-friendly website (ww.800truck.ae), they offer a convenient platform for customers to book trucks for various purposes. The company ensures reliable and efficient transportation solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Their fleet consists of well-maintained trucks driven by experienced professionals, guaranteeing safe and timely deliveries. Whether it’s moving goods, furniture, or equipment, 800 Truck aims to provide a seamless experience for their customers.

Based on positive online reviews, 800 Truck has earned a stellar reputation for their professionalism and prompt service. Customers appreciate their reliable shipments and timely deliveries.

Experience their seamless logistics solutions firsthand and rely on their responsive customer support. Choose 800 Truck for all your transportation needs in the UAE and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Contact Details: 800-87825

Email: info@800truck.ae

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Friday and Saturday: Closed

Location: 800 Truck operates throughout the UAE, with their headquarters located in Dubai. They have a wide coverage network, allowing them to serve customers in various cities and regions across the country.

Based on their online reputation and reviews on their Google Business location, 800 Truck has received consistently positive feedback from satisfied customers. Clients appreciate the company’s prompt and reliable service, noting that their shipments were handled with care and arrived on time. The professionalism of the truck drivers and the efficiency of the entire process were frequently mentioned as standout qualities. Customers also commended the company’s responsive customer support, which was helpful in addressing any queries or concerns. Overall, 800 Truck has established itself as a trusted transportation partner in the UAE, ensuring smooth logistics solutions for a wide range of needs.

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